Core Values

We’re Driven
By Passion

A core value is only a true core value if it has an active influence and if the people or company manage to live by it most of the time.


Open Minded






Focused on Quality & Performance

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Our Ideal Partner

  • Well Established Businesses
  • Operates Globally
  • Offices in US and Europe
  • 200+ Employees

Quality Standards

  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 14000
  • ISO 50001
  • ISO 30000

Notable Awards

  • 2015 BCC US
  • 2015 IAMA Award
  • 2016 BCC US
  • 2016 Open Awards

Future Vision

  • Clean Energy Only
  • UN Partnerships
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Transportation Projects

Company Revenue / Profit Report

  • Revenue ($M)
  • Profit ($M)

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